My artwork references my own history, an experience in a multicultural family. My father used to tell stories about the history of ancient Greece and contemporary times. As I have walked among the ruins of Greece and through the narrow streets of its modern cities, I think of those stories and wonder about the architecture: what it was and how it has been redefined today through layers of decay and the build-up of new life. The visible passage of time, the layers, the colors and patterns, are seductive and have shaped how I view the world: a constant circle of strength and delicacy, development and deterioration. I explore these aesthetics and ideas in my art through the process of repetition. Like the architecture I grew up with, the paper I work on is constructed, built on, demolished, and renovated through cutting, stacking, stitching, and repeated marks.

My exploration tries to capture a balance of strength and fragility. The work is a record of my thoughts and experiences; a constant struggle of feeling courageous and insecure. The materials I work with reflect this endeavor. Paper, copper and ink integrate to manifest the human condition. The imperfections in my work are the layers of the art process and reflects what it means to be human: an endeavor for perfection with the limitations of our physiological and psychological state.